Program benefits

  • What is the benefits?

    • An opportunity to experience the daily life and culture of the United States
    • Spend your summer vacation most efficiently, develop yourself and become more independent
    • You will have friends from many countries
    • Improve your English skills

    What do our participants say about us?

    • Expert in the field
    • Low cost
    • Years of experience
    • Guranteed job
    • Health insurance
    • Orientations and training
    • Reliable service

    There’s no better way to experience the U.S. than by living and working there. And there’s no better program to help you do that than us!

    The United States is diverse and incredibly huge country. You can travel for the rest of your work program and even travel from New York to California.

    We work with reputable employer companies in the United States. We will only provide job offers that are approved for our program.

    We will provide you with all the necessary documents and everything will be ready before you arrive in America.
    We can also help you arrange health and accident insurance, a US Social Security card, and travel arrangements. We will provide you with a full orientation course before you leave your home country to help you during your time in America. If you are participating in our full service package, you can stay in New York for 1-2 days and explore the city for the whole day.


    24/7 program support

    When you're enrolled in the Work & Travel USA program, you'll have 24-hour access to what you need. If necessary, you can contact our emergency number.



    Let's invest our future!

    24/7 program support We provide 24-hour program support and advice to every student during their program from the day they arrive in the US . Continue....


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