• You will work under US labor laws with Official Authorization.
  • You will also work in an approved area and in an approved workplace in accordance with the requirements of the Program.
  • More than 3,000 employers in +40 regions review the materials of students from 40 countries and send job offers.

Salary. US minimum wage is $7.25/hour (average J1 students in 2022 was $14+/hour.)
Work hours .  About 32-40 hours, and depending on the season and the performance of the employee, You can work more hours. You can get overtime pay for working overtime.
During the period of employment, the student pays taxes on his salary according to US law. The paid tax can be refunded through the organization in the spring of the following year.
Housing. Student housing is provided by the employer and is as close as possible to the place of work. The rent is paid in installments by the students, and the rental price per person is specified in the job offer in advance.
/ Housing cost in 2022: Lowest: $0/week per person, Highest: $200/week per person, average: $80-100/week per person/

Job types

The Work and Travel USA program works with employers from all service industry in the United States and offers the following types of jobs to students participating in the program. It includes:

    • Hotels, inns and motels

    • fast food Restaurants, food preparation

    • Amusements, Attractions

    • Retail stores, groceries and supermarkets

    • Resorts


For more information

There are certain types of work prohibited for students enrolled in the Work and Travel USA program. These include: babysitting, patient care, housework (house cleaner, etc.), summer camp teacher, flight attendant, and jobs that threaten the safety of students are prohibited.

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